Visualization of Smoke Flow in the Subway Fire

지하철 화재발생시 역사내 화재연기 거동 가시화 연구

  • Published : 2005.12.01


In this study, the smoke flows of the inner subway station were visualized through a numerical analysis and visualization experiment in the subway fire. A transparent acrylic model was designed and installed as 1:25th scale-down as the actual subway station by using geometrical similarity The properties of subway fire were reconstructed according to Densimetric Froude Similarity. The 47 to 53 ratio of the mixed air and Helium was inputted in the inner acrylic model to describe 1MW fire intensity with reference to the experiment paper. For the same time, the fire smoke from a smoke generator was inputted in the inner acrylic model with the mixture. At this time, the buoyancy effect of Helium gas went up the smoke to the acrylic model. When the sheet beam of Ar-lon laser was given out to the top and stair of subway model, the digital camcorder took the images of the scattered cluster of smoke particles when applying the smoke management system and PSD.