Micro PIV measurements of two-fluid flows in a microchannel

Micro-PIV 기법을 이용한 미세유로 내 두 유체 유동 측정

  • Published : 2004.11.01


Micro PIV was applied to measure velocity profiles of two-fluid flows in a microchannel. In this work, the two-fluid flow of two glycerol-water mixtures was measured for three cases $(\phi=0\;and\;\phi=0.2;\;\phi=0.1\;and\;\phi=0.5;\;\phi=0\;and\;\phi=0.6)$. The flow rates of two fluids were the same. The experimental velocity profiles agreed well with numerical simulations. However, a slight deviation was found in the fluid with low concentration. Rather than the effects of the varying refractive indices inside the channel, the high velocity gradient effect was thought as the main source of the deviation.