Simultaneous Measurement of Velocity and Concentration Field in a Stirred Mixer Using PIV/LIF Techniqueut and POD Analysis

PIV/LIF에 의한 교반혼합기 유동의 난류 속도/농도장 측정 및 POD해석

  • Published : 2002.11.01


Simultaneous measurement of turbulent velocity and concentration field in a stirred mixer tank is carried out by using PIV/LIF technique. Instantaneous velocity fields are measured by a $1K\times1K$ CCD camera adopting the frame straddle method while the concentration fields are obtained by measuring the fluorescence intensity of Rhodamine B tracer excited by the second pulse of Nd:Yag laser light. Image distortion due to the camera view-angle is compensated by a mapping function. It is found that the general features of the mixing pattern are quite dependent on the local flow characteristics during the rapid decay of mean concentration. However, the small scale mixing seems to be independent on the local turbulent velocity fluctuation.