A Study on Vortex Pair Interaction with Fluid Free Surface

자유표면에 작용하는 와동 현상에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2002.11.01


Today, the research to examine a fact that interaction between the air and the fluid free surface affects the steady state flow and air. We proved the interaction between vortex pairs and free surface on each condition that is created by the end of delta wings. another purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of surface active material which can change the surface tension and we must consider when we refer to turbulent flow on surface tension. therefore, this research examined the growth process of vortex pairs on condition of clean, contaminated free surface and wall after we made vortex pairs through counter rotating flaps. The results of this study suggest that vortex pairs in clean free surface rise safely but the vortex pairs in contaminated free surface and rigid, no slip is made secondary vortex or rebounding. However the secondary vortex in rigid, no slip is stronger than before, and we can find the vortex shape which roll up more completely. However, these will disappear by the effect of wall.