Analytics of PIV Measurement and Its Application for Higher Performances

  • NISHIO Shigeru (Kobe University of Mercantile Marine Department of Maritime Science) ;
  • SUGII Yasuhiko (University of Tokyo Nuclear Engineering Research Laboratory)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


Present paper describes the principles of PIV measurement approaching from the analytical view, which enables to explain the general form of principles covering all the PIV measurement, and that gives theoretical basis for its higher measurement performances. The explanation of the measurement principles started from the definition of governing equation in differential form as same as the gradient method, and the integral along the particle path line was executed to show the principle of the correlation method with same basis. The integral processes clearly shows the analytical reason why the correlation peak gives the terminal point of path line, and how the effects of deformation and rotation of fluid appears in the correlation map. These results have no differences from our experiences and understandings of the conventional PIV measurement definition in final form. However, the analytical approach enable to understand those facts a priori, and it makes easy to achieve the innovative higher performances of measurement. Analytical explanation clearly shows the behavior of the residual errors caused by the fluid motion, and it enables to analyze the measurement uncertainty theoretically.