Riccati Equation Approach to $\textrm{H}_\infty$ Robust Performance Problem for Descriptor Form System

  • Published : 1993.10.01


In this paper, we discuss H$_{\infty}$ robust performance problem for uncertain system described in a descriptor form. We show that the method based on Riccati equation can be extended to solve this problem. First, such a sufficient condition is given that the system described in a descriptor form is quadratic stable and H$_{\infty}$ norm of a specified transfer function is less than a given level. Using this result, a state feedback law which ensures H$_{\infty}$ robust performance of closed loop system is derived based on a positive definite solution of a Riccati equation. This result shows that a solution of the problem can be also obtained by solving H$_{\infty}$ standard problem for an extended plant. Finally, a design example and simulation results will be given.ven.