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A Study on the Perception of the Subjects about Automated Container Terminal (컨테이너터미널 자동화에 대한 관련 주체별 인식연구)

  • You, Ji-Won;Kim, Yul-Seong
    • Journal of Navigation and Port Research
    • /
    • v.44 no.3
    • /
    • pp.195-202
    • /
    • 2020
  • The production of larger of ships is a survival strategy for global shipping companies to pursue the economics of scale. According to this strategy, to respond to this situation, many containers are loading/unloading simultaneously in the hub port. Additionally, the container terminals are promoting the introduction of automation to expand the terminal facilities and increase efficiency/productivity of the container yards. European ports have introduced automation to address rising labor costs and shortages of labor. Recently, the construction of fully automated container terminals is increasing in the United States and China to resolve problems such as the slow growth of the global economy, the emergence of large ships, air pollution, and safety accidents. Domestic ports are at an early stage compared to the world's advanced container terminals, and countermeasures are being prepared to respond to the changing ports. However, research on the recognition difference analysis that examines the opinions of stakeholders is insufficient. As a result of analyzing the recognition among the groups, it was found that container terminal operators reduced labor costs, improved shipping services for shipping companies, prevented safety accidents for port union labor, and increased service for port authority and government agencies. Thus, to closely examine the perception among the groups, one-way ANOVA was performed, and then the implications were deduced as the basic data for the smooth introduction of automation.