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The Power Flow Control of UPFC for Cost Minimization

  • Lim, Jung-Uk;Moon, Seung-Il
    • KIEE International Transactions on Power Engineering
    • /
    • v.12A no.1
    • /
    • pp.31-35
    • /
    • 2002
  • This paper presents a new operation scheme of UPFC to minimize both generation costs and active power losses in a normal operation state of power system. In a normal operation, cost minimization is a matter of primary concern among operating objectives. This paper considers two kinds of costs, generation costs and transmission losses. The total generation cost of active powers can be minimized by optimal power flow, and active power losses in the transmission system can be also minimized by power flow control of UPFC incorporated with minimization of generation costs. In order to determine amounts of active power reference of each UPFC required for the cost minimization, an iterative optimization algorithm based on the power flow calculation using the decoupled UPFC model is proposed. For verification of the proposed method, intensive studies have been performed on a 3-unit 6-bus system equipped with a UPFC.

A Study for strategic cooperaton of enterprise security and business (기업보안과 비즈니스의 전략적 협력에 관한 연구)

  • Ryu, Hyung-Chang
    • Korean Security Journal
    • /
    • no.28
    • /
    • pp.103-130
    • /
    • 2011
  • This study is the research of enterprise security for raising the profitability and stability of Korean companies in global business environment and strategic cooperation of business. As the scientific technology gets complicated as day goes by and new competitors appear regardless the border in the modern business environment, the situation happens frequently which the huge company hands over their market to the new one armed with the innovative thinking overnight. To survive such new environment, the answer is the change of paradigm regarding business management method at the new point of view. With the low level of security risk management of Korean companies which stick to old habit, the security management which helps the companies secure profits is not affordable. The global village where the population of 7 billions live in 21st century is facing up to the rapid ecological adaptation. The rapid change of climatic environment creates the hundreds of thousands of sufferers in a moment, and we have been watching the millions of livestock are buried alive due to new contagious disease everyday. Such change encourages the humans in global village to change the basic way of living. The business ecosystem which is the basic root for economic life cannot be an exception. To survive the business environment of 21st century, the security risk management at management level is required and the reporting line of companies should be established newly for raising business competing power through security risk management. The companies should bear in mind that they can be disappeared into our old memories overnight if they are not sensitive to the changing environment. Out of new risks for the modern companies, the field especially Korean companies are dealing easily is the security risk. Not like past, the security risk which's size is much more massive and its propagation velocity is very fast is the one of important business risks which the management should take care. Out of security risks which influence on the modern companies significantly, the brand of companies, protection of their reputation, continuity of production and operation and keeping customer's trust are prior to the others. This study offered the suggestion regarding enterprise security and the strategic cooperation of business to deal with such security risk effectively.

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