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The Analysis on IT Performance of SMEs : Using IO(Information Orientation) Methodology (IO(Information Orientation)를 이용한 중소기업 정보화 성과 분석 연구)

  • Kim, Moon-Sun;Lee, Choong-Cheong
    • Journal of Information Technology Services
    • /
    • v.12 no.1
    • /
    • pp.99-113
    • /
    • 2013
  • In spite of IT performance can be achieved through the interaction of IT and organization, many previous study has been treated the introduction of the information system itself as a final outcome. But if it doesn't clear about understanding on IT performance, performance management is difficult and also it is impossible to produce the intended outcomes. This study investigates the improvement of the business performance of SMEs through IT investment, whether the investment process on business performance. Analytical methods that were used in previous studies were maintained and new model IO(Information Orientation) analysis was applied. Therefore, this study is meaningful to establish a new methodology, that is not attempted until now, for evaluating the performance of IT investment, and analysis relationship between IT investment and business performance.

The Impact of If Project Types and Ownerships on IT Value Evaluation (IT 프로젝트 유형과 오너쉽이 IT 가치평가에 미치는 영향)

  • 이국희;구본재
    • Journal of Information Technology Applications and Management
    • /
    • v.9 no.3
    • /
    • pp.79-95
    • /
    • 2002
  • As the budget size and complexity of 1T investment are growing, IT value measurement becomes more critical to the success of IT management In public organizations and private firms. It has been known that there are many factors such as IT costs, risks, qualify, and usage that should be taken Into consideration during the process of measuring IT value and making IT Investment decisions. However, little research has been done so far In order to analysis factors affecting the IT value and effectiveness. The purpose of this study Is to Investigate the impact of IT Project types and ownerships on IT value evaluation. The three research questions are as follows : (1) Does IT project type such as transactional, Informational, and infrastructure have any impact on 1T value measurement\ulcorner (2) Does the IT development ownership has any Impact on IT value\ulcorner (3) Does the IT operation ownership has any impact\ulcorner The empirical research was done at S-Electronics, world-wide known and the biggest manufacturing company in Korea, based on the method of structured interview. About 200 individual Information systems have been evaluated to calculate ROI measures, the dependent variable In this study. The results of statistical analysis show that two of three Independent variables, IT project types and IT development ownership, have statistically significant effects on IT value in terms of ROI measures.

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