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An Analysis of the Contents and Expression Methods of Jeong Yag-yong's 『Gugo Wonlyu』 (정약용의 『구고원류』의 내용과 표현방법 분석)

  • Lee, Kyung Eon
    • Journal for History of Mathematics
    • /
    • v.29 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-16
    • /
    • 2016
  • This study analyzes the contents and expression methods of Jeong Yag-yong's "Gugo Wonlyu". The 530-page long "Gugo Wonlyu" discusses 1541 formulas about Gu, Go, Hyun, Hwa, Gyo; however, it has only the results of formulas and no explanations about their inducement method. Therefore we do not know how he derives and verifies the formulas. In addition, it did not follow the basic form of oriental mathematics textbooks: problem-answer-solution, and presented all the formulas only with characters without using numbers. This is a very distinctive aspect compared to other mathematical textbooks. In addition, the formulas about 5-Hwa and 5-Gyo are addressed exactly in fixed order and covers a formula in various directions. This is a clear evidence that Jeong Yag-yong analyzed and studied the Gugosul thoroughly.