• Title, Summary, Keyword: 수리정온보해(數理精蘊補解)

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Mathematics of Chosun Dynasty and $Sh\grave{u}\;l\breve{i}\;j\bar{i}ng\;y\grave{u}n$ (數理精蘊) (조선(朝鮮) 산학(算學)과 수리정온(數理精蘊))

  • Hong Young-Hee
    • Journal for History of Mathematics
    • /
    • v.19 no.2
    • /
    • pp.25-46
    • /
    • 2006
  • We investigate the process of western mathematics into Chosun and its influences. Its initial and middle stages are examined by Choi Suk Jung(崔錫鼎, $1645\sim1715$)'s Gu Su Ryak(九數略), Hong Jung Ha(洪正夏, $1684\sim?$)'s Gu Il Jib(九一集) and Hwang Yun Suk(黃胤錫, $1719\sim1791$)'s I Su Shin Pyun(理藪新編), Hong Dae Yong(洪大容, $1731\sim1781$)'s Ju Hae Su Yong(籌解需用), respectively. Western mathematics was transmitted for the study of the Shi xian li(時憲曆) when it was introduced in Chosun. We also analyze Su Ri Jung On Bo Hae(數理精蘊補解, 1730?) whose author studied $Sh\grave{u}\;l\breve{i}\;j\bar{i}ng\;y\grave{u}n$ most thoroughly, in particular for astronomy, and finally Lee Sang Hyuk(李尙爀, $1810\sim?$), Nam Byung Gil(南秉吉, $1820\sim1869$) who studied together structurally western mathematics.

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