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Performance Characteristics of a Vapor Injection Heat Pump System with Different Sub-cooler Capacity (과냉각 열교환기 용량 변화에 따른 인젝션 히트펌프의 성능 특성)

  • Choi, Jong Min;Park, Yong-Jung;Kang, Shin-Hyung
    • Journal of the Korean Society for Geothermal and Hydrothermal Energy
    • /
    • v.10 no.3
    • /
    • pp.17-23
    • /
    • 2014
  • One major breakthrough in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning has been the development of heat pumps. Heat pump systems offer economic alternatives for recovering heat from different sources for use in various industrial, commercial and residential applications. In recent years, the heat pump has been tipped to have a very good potential for hot water production. This paper investigated the performance of a vapor injection heat pump with the variation of sub-cooler capacity at heating mode. The heating capacity of the vapor injection heat pump slightly increased with an increment of sub-cooler capacity, while COP didn't increase continuously. The 20% capacity of sub-cooler comparing with system capacity could be used as a standard to select sub-cooler capacity.