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1 Kim SM, Yun SW, Cho GJ. Assessment of genetic diversity using microsatellite markers to compare donkeys (Equus asinus) with horses (Equus caballus). Anim Biosci 2021;34:1460-5.   DOI View Article
2 An J, Cho J. Potential immune-modulatory effects of wheat phytase on the performance of a mouse macrophage cell line, Raw 264.7, exposed to long-chain inorganic polyphosphate. Anim Biosci 2021;34:463-70.   DOI View Article
3 Sung JY, Kim BG. Prediction equations for digestible and metabolizable energy concentrations in feed ingredients and diets for pigs based on chemical composition. Anim Biosci 2021;34:306-11.   DOI View Article
4 Barido FH, Lee SK. Tenderness-related index and proteolytic enzyme response to the marination of spent hen breast by a protease extracted from Cordyceps militaris mushroom. Anim Biosci 2021;34:1859-69.   DOI View Article
5 Ding SR, Li GS, Chen SR, et al. Comparison of carcass and meat quality traits between lean and fat Pekin ducks. Anim Biosci 2021;34:1193-201.   DOI View Article
6 Kim MJ, Ingale SL, Hosseindoust A, Choi YH, Kim KY, Chae BJ. Synergistic effect of exogenous multi-enzyme and phytase on growth performance, nutrients digestibility, blood metabolites, intestinal microflora and morphology in broilers fed corn-wheat-soybean meal diets. Anim Biosci 2021;34: 1365-74.   DOI View Article
7 Kim SW, Duarte ME. Understanding intestinal health in nursery pigs and the relevant nutritional strategies. Anim Biosci 2021;34:338-44.   DOI View Article
8 Pan XN, Zhang L, Xing T, Li JL, Gao F. The impaired redox status and activated nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2/antioxidant response element pathway in wooden breast myopathy in broiler chickens. Anim Biosci 2020;34:652-61.   DOI View Article
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