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1 Ittefaq, M. (2019). Digital diplomacy via social networks: A cross-national analysis of governmental usage of Facebook and Twitter for digital engagement. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 18(1), 49-69./   DOI View Article
2 Radue, M. (2019). Harmful disinformation in Southeast Asia: "Negative campaigning", "information operations" and "racist propaganda" - three forms of manipulative political communication in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 18(2), 68-89./   DOI View Article
3 Park, H.W. & Ozel, B. (2019). The Rise of Blockchain Technology: Overcoming Theoretical Poverty and Its Implications for Developing Countries. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia. 18 (2), 1-8./   DOI View Article
4 Lee, J., & Tkach-Kawasaki, L. (2018). The relationship between information-sharing and resource-sharing networks in environmental policy governance: Focusing on Germany and Japan. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 17(2), 176-199./   DOI View Article
5 Smith, M. (2015). Catalyzing social media scholarship with open tools and data. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 14 (2), 87-96/   DOI View Article
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