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1 Kim DH, Lee HG, Nipin Sp, et al. Validation of exercise-response genes in skeletal muscle cells of Thoroughbred racing horses. Anim Biosci 2021;34:134-142.   DOI View Article
2 Hsieh YC, Lin WC, Chuang WY, Chen MH, Chang SC, Lee TT. Effects of mushroom waster medium and stalk residues on the growth performance and oxidative status in broilers. Anim Biosci 2021;34:265-75.   DOI View Article
3 Yang P, Wang HK, Zhu M, Li LX, Ma YX. Degradation kinetics of vitamins in premixes for pig: effects of choline, high concentrations of copper and zinc, and storage time. Anim Biosci 2021;34:701-13.   DOI View Article
4 Reddy KE, Kim M, Kim KH, Ji SY, Lee SD. Effect of commercially purified deoxynivalenol and zearalenone mycotoxins on microbial diversity of pig cecum contents. Anim Biosci 2021;34:243-55.   DOI View Article
5 Yu K, Choi I, Yun CH. Immunosecurity: immunomodulants enhance immune responses in chickens. Anim Biosci 2021; 34:321-37.   DOI View Article
6 Kim SW, Duarte ME. Understanding intestinal health in nursery pigs and the relevant nutritional strategies. Anim Biosci 2021;34:338-44.   DOI View Article
7 Kikusato M. Phytobiotics to improve health and production of broiler chickens: functions beyond the antioxidant activity. Anim Biosci 2021;34:345-53.   DOI View Article
8 Moss AF, Chrystal PV, Cadogan DJ, Wilkinson SJ, Crowley TM, Choct M. Precision feeding and precision nutrition: a paradigm shift in broiler feed formulation? Anim Biosci 2021; 34:354-62.   DOI View Article
9 Choi WJ, Kim JH, Han GP, Kwon CH, Kil DY. Effects of dietary hatchery by-products on growth performance, relative organ weight, plasma measurements, immune organ index, meat quality, and tibia characteristics of broiler chickens. Anim Biosci 2021;34:1181-92. 10.5713/ab.20.0755/   DOI View Article
10 Eom JS, Kim ET, Kim HS, et al. Metabolomic comparison of rumen fluid and milk in dairy cattle using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Anim Biosci 2021;34:213-22.   DOI View Article
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