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Estimation of gender and age using CNN-based face recognition algorithm  

Lim, Sooyeon (School of Game, Dongyang University)
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International journal of advanced smart convergence / v.9, no.2, 2020 , pp. 203-211 More about this Journal
This study proposes a method for estimating gender and age that is robust to various external environment changes by applying deep learning-based learning. To improve the accuracy of the proposed algorithm, an improved CNN network structure and learning method are described, and the performance of the algorithm is also evaluated. In this study, in order to improve the learning method based on CNN composed of 6 layers of hidden layers, a network using GoogLeNet's inception module was constructed. As a result of the experiment, the age estimation accuracy of 5,328 images for the performance test of the age estimation method is about 85%, and the gender estimation accuracy is about 98%. It is expected that real-time age recognition will be possible beyond feature extraction of face images if studies on the construction of a larger data set, pre-processing methods, and various network structures and activation functions have been made to classify the age classes that are further subdivided according to age.
gender estimation; age estimation; face recognition; CNN;
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