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Combustion Characteristics of Cylindrical Premixed Combustor using Liquid Fuel by Self Evaporation  

Lee, Pil Hyong (Division of Mechanical System Engineering, Incheon National University)
Song, Ki Jong (Korea Energy Appliances Industry Association)
Hwang, Sang Soon (Division of Mechanical System Engineering, Incheon National University)
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Journal of the Korean Society of Combustion / v.21, no.3, 2016 , pp. 7-15 More about this Journal
The fuel in conventional liquid fuel combustor is atomized by spray method for high efficiency and low emissions. To improve the overall fuel efficiency and lower pollutant emissions in liquid fuel combustion systems, the effective spatial and temporal separation of droplet evaporation from normal spray process is needed. In this paper, the recuperation of high temperature burnt gas for fuel evaporation was proposed to develop a cylindrical premixed combustor. The recuperation process using U shaped tube is effective to evaporate the liquid fuel. The results show that the flame mode is changed into red radiation flame, blue flame and lift off flame with decreasing equivalence ratio as gas fuel combustion mode. In particular, the blue flame is found to be very stable at heating load 9.2 kW and equivalence ratio 0.731. NOx was measured blow 105 ppm ($O_2$ zero base) from equivalence ratio 0.705 to 0.835. CO which is a very important emission index in liquid fuel combustor was observed below 5 ppm ($O_2$ zero base) under the same equivalence region.
Liquid Fuel; Spray Method; Evaporation; CO; NOx;
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