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A Study on Spherical Convexity  

Jo, Kyeonghee (Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mokpo National Maritime Univ.)
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Journal for History of Mathematics / v.29, no.6, 2016 , pp. 335-351 More about this Journal
Spherical convexity may be defined in different ways. It depends on which statement we take as a definition among several statements that can be all used as a definition of convexity of subsets in an affine space. In this article, we consider this question from various perspectives. We compare several different definitions of spherical convexity which are found in mathematical papers. In particular, we focus our discussion on the definitions of J. P. $Benz{\acute{e}}cri$ and N. H. Kuiper who built a solid foundation for theory of convex bodies and convex affine(projective) structures on manifolds.
convexity; convex domains; spherical convexity;
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