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An Entropy Masking Model for Image and Video Watermarking  

Kim, Seong-Whan (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Seoul)
Shan Suthaharan (University of North Carolina, Greenboro)
We present a new watermark design tool for digital images and digital videos that are based on human visual system (HVS) characteristics. In this tool, basic mechanisms (inhibitory and excitatory behaviour of cells) of HVS are used to determine image dependent upper bound values on watermark insertion. This allows us to insert maximai allowable transparent watermark, which in turn is extremely hard to attack with common image processing, Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) compression. As the number of details (e.g. edges) increases in an image, the HVS decrease its sensitivity to the details. In the same manner, as the number of motion increases in a video signal, the HVS decrease its sensitivity to the motions. We model this decreased sensitivity to the details and motions as an (motion) entropy masking. Entropy masking model can be efficiently used to increase the robustness of image and video watermarks. We have shown that our entropy-masking model provides watermark scheme with increased transparency and henceforth increased robustness.
Multimedia; Real Time Steaming; Wireless LAN; Masking Model; Entropy; Video Watermarking;
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