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Rapping as a Means of Improving Self-Expression: A Case Study of Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer  

Choi, Jieun (Art Education and Therapy Institute, Ewha Womans University)
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Journal of Music and Human Behavior / v.16, no.2, 2019 , pp. 27-51 More about this Journal
This case study aimed to investigate changes in self-expression following participation in a rap making program with adolescent survivors of childhood cancer. The rap making program was constructed based on the contextual support music therapy model. Three adolescent survivors of childhood cancer participated in six 80-minute individual sessions. During the sessions, each participant engaged in the following tasks: song discussion, lyric creation, and rapping over a selected beat. At pre and posttest, the Self-Expression Scale was completed by participants. Their verbal expressions lyrics were observed during the sessions, and individual interviews with the participants were conducted at the completion of the program. The results demonstrated that the mean rating of the Self-Expression Scale increased after the rap making intervention. Analysis of the participants' verbal expressions and lyrics demonstrated that participants were experiencing difficulties adjusting to school that they wanted to resolve. Furthermore, the analysis of the interviews at posttest found that participants experienced positive changes in self-perception, self-expression, and expectations for their future, compared to the pretest when the participants expressed negative self-perceptions due to difficulties in interpersonal relationships at school and physical limitations. This indicates that rap making can be an effective resource for providing this population with the means to recognize positive attributes about themselves and improve self-expression.
adolescent survivors of childhood cancer; contextual support music therapy model; rap making; self-expression;
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