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Hypoxia-inducible factor $(HIF-1){\alpha}$: its protein stability and biological functions  

Lee, Ji-Won (Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University)
Bae, Seong-Hui (Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University)
Jeong, Joo-Won (Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University)
Kim, Se-Hee (Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University)
Kim, Kyu-Won (Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University)
Publication Information
Experimental and Molecular Medicine / v.36, no.1, 2004 , pp. 1-12 More about this Journal
Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1) is an oxygen-dependent transcriptional activator, which plays crucial roles in the angiogenesis of tumors and mammalian development. HIF-1 consists of a constitutively expressed $HIF-1{\beta}$ subunit and one of three subunits $(HIF-1{\alpha},\;HIF-2{\alpha}\;or\;HIF-3{\alpha})$. The stability and activity of $HIF-1{\alpha}$ are regulated by various post-translational modifications, hydroxylation, acetylation, and phosphorylation. Therefore, $HIF-1{\alpha}$ interacts with several protein factors including PHD, pVHL, ARD-1, and p300/CBP. Under normoxia, the $HIF-1{\alpha}$ subunit is rapidly degraded via the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor gene product (pVHL)- mediated ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. The association of pVHL and $HIF-1{\alpha}$ under normoxic conditions is triggered by the hydroxylation of prolines and the acetylation of lysine within a polypeptide segment known as the oxygen-dependent degradation (ODD) domain. On the contrary, in the hypoxia condition, $HIF-1{\alpha}$ subunit becomes stable and interacts with coactivators such as p300/CBP to modulate its transcriptional activity. Eventually, HIF-1 acts as a master regulator of numerous hypoxia-inducible genes under hypoxic conditions. The target genes of HIF-1 are especially related to angiogenesis, cell proliferation/survival, and glucose/iron metabolism. Moreover, it was reported that the activation of $HIF-1{\alpha}$ is closely associated with a variety of tumors and oncogenic pathways. Hence, the blocking of $HIF-1{\alpha}$ itself or $HIF-1{\alpha}$ interacting proteins inhibit tumor growth. Based on these findings, HIF-1 can be a prime target for anticancer therapies. This review summarizes the molecular mechanism of $HIF-1{\alpha}$ stability, the biological functions of HIF-1 and its potential applications of cancer therapies.
ARD1; angiogenesis; anticancer therapy; cell proliferation/survival; HIF-1; glucose metabolismi; PHD; pVHL; p300/CBP; iron metabolism; transcription factor;
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