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Digital Watermarking Scheme based on SVD and Triplet  

Park, Byung-Su (울산대 공대 전기전자공학부)
Chu, Hyung-Suk (파웰테크윈(주))
An, Chong-Koo (울산대 공대 전기전자공학부)
Publication Information
The Transactions of The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers / v.58, no.5, 2009 , pp. 1041-1046 More about this Journal
In this paper, we proposed a robust watermark scheme for image based on SVD(Singular Value Transform) and Triplet. First, the original image is decomposed by using 3-level DWT, and then used the singular values changed for embedding and extracting of the watermark sequence in LL3 band. Since the matrix of singular values is not easily altered with various signal processing noises, the embedded watermark sequence has the ability to withstand various signal processing noise attacks. Nevertheless, this method does not guarantee geometric transformation(such as rotation, cropping, etc.) because the geometric transformation changes the matrix size. In this case, the watermark sequence cannot be extracted. To compensate for the above weaknesses, a method which uses the triplet for embedding a barcode image watermark in the middle of frequency band is proposed. In order to generate the barcode image watermark, the pattern of the watermark sequence embedded in a LL3 band is used. According to this method, the watermark information can be extracted from attacked images.
Singular Value Decomposition; Digital Watermarking; Barcode; Discrete Wavelet Transform;
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