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Effect of the Si-adhesive layer defects on the temperature distribution of electrostatic chuck  

Lee, Ki Seok (Division of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Kongju National University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.2, 2012 , pp. 71-74 More about this Journal
Uniformity of the wafer temperature is one of the important factors in etching process. Plasma, chucking force, backside helium pressure and the surface temperature of ESC(electrostatic chuck) affect the wafer temperature. ESC consists of several layers of structure. Each layer has own thermal resistance and the Si-adhesive layer has highest thermal resistance among them. In this work, the temperature distribution of ESC was analyzed by 3-D FEM with various defects and the thickness deviation of the Si-adhesive layer. The result with Si-adhesive layer with the low center thickness deviation shows modified temperature distribution of ESC surface.
Electrostatic chuck; Temperature distribution; Si-adhesive;
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