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A Study on the Creative Design of Pulling Module for Silicon Ingot and an Apparatus of Manufacturing Silicon Single Crystal Ingot by using TRIZ(6SC)  

Hong, Sung Do (Korea University of Technology and Education)
Huh, Yong Jeong (Korea University of Technology and Education)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.2, 2012 , pp. 39-43 More about this Journal
This paper presents a study on the design of a pulling module for silicon ingot and an apparatus of manufacturing silicon single crystal ingot using the same method. The pulling module is conceptually designed by using TRIZ. Czochralski method(CZ) is representative way to manufacture single crystal ingot for wafers. The seed can be broken by high tension which is caused by large weight of a silicon ingot. The solution of this problem has been derived using 6SC(6 steps creativity)TRIZ. The pulling module is actuated by DC motor and rollers. High tension in the seed is removed by the rotate-elevate motion of rollers in the pulling module. A rubber belt is included in the rotate-elevate mechanism for increasing friction between rollers and silicon ingot.
Czochralski method(CZ); TRIZ; 6SC; Silicon Ingot; Contradiction; Tension;
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