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Qualitative attributes of meat from Teramana goat kids, an Italian native breed of the Abruzzo region/
[Ianni, Andrea;Bennato, Francesca;Martino, Camillo;Luca, Alessio Di;Martino, Giuseppe;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Mitochondrial sequence based characterization and morphometric assessment of Diara buffalo population/
[Singh, Karan Veer;Purohit, Hitesh;Singh, Ramesh Kumar;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Extraction of dietary fibers from cassava pulp and cassava distiller's dried grains and assessment of their components using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to determine their further use as a functional feed in animal diets/
[Okrathok, Supattra;Thumanu, Kanjana;Pukkung, Chayanan;Molee, Wittawat;Khempaka, Sutisa;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Effect of waste cooking oil addition on ammonia emissions during the composting of dairy cattle manure/
[Kuroda, Kazutaka;Tanaka, Akihiro;Furuhashi, Kenichi;Fukuju, Naoki;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Effects of intrauterine growth restriction during late pregnancy on the cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation in ovine fetal thymuses/
[Zi, Yang;Ma, Chi;He, Shan;Yang, Huan;Zhang, Min;Gao, Feng;Liu, Yingchun;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Pea starch increases the dry matter flow at the distal ileum and reduces the amino acids digestibility in ileal digesta collected after 4 hours postprandial of pigs fed low-protein diets/
[Zhou, Junyan;Wang, Lu;Yang, Guangxin;Yang, Lijie;Zeng, Xiangfang;Qiao, Shiyan;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Effects of maternal undernutrition during late pregnancy on the regulatory factors involved in growth and development in ovine fetal perirenal brown adipose tissue/
[Yang, Huan;Ma, Chi;Zi, Yang;Zhang, Min;Liu, Yingchun;Wu, Kaifeng;Gao, Feng;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids of protein sources associated with exogenous enzymes for broilers/
[Fortes, Bruno Duarte Alves;Mello, Heloisa Helena de Carvalho;Cafe, Marcos Barcellos;Arnhold, Emmanuel;Stringhini, Jose Henrique;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Effect of multi-enzymes supplementation on growth performance, meat quality, ileal digestibility, digestive enzyme activity and caecal microbiota in broilers fed low-metabolizable energy diet/
[Yaqoob, Muhammad Umar;Yousaf, Muhammad;Iftikhar, Mubashir;Hassan, Safdar;Wang, Geng;Imran, Safdar;Zahid, Muhammad Umer;Iqbal, Waqar;Wang, Minqi;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022    
Fatty acid profiles and flavour-related compounds of retorted Korean ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) affected by pre-treated black garlic extract/
[Barido, Farouq Heidar;Utama, Dicky Tri;Kim, Yeong Jong;Lee, Sung Ki;] / Animal Bioscience / 2022