Trends of Terrestrial Broadcasting Technology Based on MBMS

MBMS 기반 지상파 방송 기술 동향

  • Published : 2021.08.01


Multimedia broadcast multicast services (MBMS) have evolved to accommodate broadcasting services in 3GPP standards. One long-standing approach is to comprise the multimedia broadcast multicast service single-frequency network based on the cellular networks of mobile operators, and another approach adds a broadcasting network to 3GPP standards. In this paper, we overview the MBMS architecture and key entities in MBMS services. In addition, the trends of MBMS are discussed in terms of technology and 3GPP standards, where MBMS functionality is described according to 3GPP releases. Finally, we discuss its capability through a comparison with ATSC 3.0, which is the latest terrestrial broadcasting standard, and then we present the current status and future perspectives of MBMS in 3GPP.



이 논문은 2021년도 정부(과학기술정보통신부)의 재원으로 정보통신기획평가원의 지원[No. 2017-0-00081, 초고품질 UHD(UHQ) 전송 기술 개발, 50%]과 2021년도 정부(과학기술정보통신부)의 재원으로 정보통신기획평가원의 지원을 받아 수행된 연구임[No. 2020-0-00846, 5G와 방송망(ATSC 3.0) 연동 전송 기술 개발, 50%].


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