펌프카 재고 감축을 위한 반제품 공용화 설계 구현 : H사(社) 펌프카 프레임 조립 공정 중심으로

Implement Semi-Product Commonization Design for Reduction of Inventory : Focusing on Concrete Pump Truck Frame Assemble Process

  • 투고 : 2020.11.03
  • 심사 : 2020.11.30
  • 발행 : 2020.12.31


A manufacturing company should produce its products and make a profit to continue its management. With the adoption of a multi-category small-volume production system, manufacturers that produce concrete pump-cine products are carrying out improvement activities to increase their market share amid the business-to-customer business environment. However, the slump in the construction investment environment has led to a decline in sales of concrete pump trucks. The purpose of holding inventory is to prevent loss of sales opportunities with the rate of change in the sales plan, and reducing the rate of change in the product can reduce unnecessary inventory and, in order to realize this, the goal of reducing inventory can be achieved by reviewing the parts that can be designed for common use. Therefore, to reduce the inventory of concrete pump trucks, semi-finished publicization design is necessary. According to the analysis, the frame assembly process of the 32M model is common. Production capacity can be secured without loss of sales opportunity.



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