Dynamic Response of Container Ship Subjected to Bow flare Slamming Loads

  • 투고 : 2018.10.10
  • 심사 : 2018.12.08
  • 발행 : 2018.12.31


The wave impact on ships could cause local damage to the ship's hull, which has been a concerning issue during the ship design process. In recent years, local structural damages of ships caused by slamming loads have been reported by accident; therefore, it is necessary to study the local slamming pressure loads and structural response assessment. In the present study, slamming loads around the ship's bow region in the presence of regular wave have been simulated by RANS equations discretized with a cell-centered finite volume method (FVM) in conjunction with the $k-{\Box}$ turbulence model. The dynamic structural response has been calculated using an explicit FE method. By adding the slamming pressure load of each time step to the finite element model, establishing the reasonable boundary conditions, and considering the material strain-rate effects, the dynamic response prediction of the bow flare structure has been achieved. The results and insights of this study will be helpful to design a container ship that is resistant enough to withstand bow flare slamming loads.


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Fig.1 Methods for slamming loads and structural strength assessment

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Fig.2 Procedure for nonlinear dynamic structural analysis under slamming loads

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Fig.3 Slamming load calculation conditions

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Fig.4 Grid systems for calculating slamming loads

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Fig. 5 The contour of surface pressure and wave elevation

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Fig.6 Illustration of CFD calculated pressure (left) and mapped pressure on structural model (right)

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Fig.7 FE model for bow flare slamming analysis

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Fig.8 Strain rate dependent material strength properties

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Fig.9 Stress distributions along the ship length, A

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Fig.10 Stress distributions along the ship length, B

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Fig.11 Plastic strain plot

Table 1. Material properties used in the target model

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Table 2. Types of loads applied in the structural analysis model

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