Parametric Study for Optimum Shape of Gestation Stall Structures

임신돼지용 스톨 구조물의 최적형상을 위한 파라미터 해석

  • Son, Byung Jik (Department of International Civil & Plant Engineering, Konyang University)
  • 손병직 (건양대학교 해외건설플랜트학과)
  • Received : 2016.03.02
  • Accepted : 2016.03.15
  • Published : 2016.03.31


This study analyzes gestation stall structures with high strength concrete. The ANSYS program described in this paper is effective not only because it shows good accuracy but also it shows the goodness of parameter studies by using APDL(ANSYS Parametric Design Language). We have performed the various parameter studies by thickness change. The results is presented by using contours and tables. The analysis results showed that it was effective to increase the height thickness(tz) rather than longitudinal thickness(tx).



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