A Study on the Comparison of Denoising Performance of Stationary Wavelet Transform for Discharge Signal Data in Cast-resin Transformer

SWT(Stationary Wavelet Transform)를 이용한 몰드변압기 방전 측정신호의 디노이징 특성 연구

  • 최명일 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 김재철 (숭실대학교 전기공학과)
  • Received : 2014.01.27
  • Accepted : 2014.02.24
  • Published : 2014.03.31


The partial discharge of Cast-resin Transformer has a difficulty to be analyzed, because it is an abnormal condition signal of which stochastic characteristics varies with time variance. In this study, background noise coming from the outside of the cast-resin transformers through ground wire can be removed and only a discharge signal of which defects are simulated can be obtained, using the wavelet transform method, which is a time-frequency domain analysis technique. As a result, it was confirmed that de-noising using the SWT technique is the best efficient among three methods of the wavelet transform techniques.



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