Development of a Pool Cleaning Robot and its Cleaning Performance Evaluation

수영장 청소 로봇 개발 및 청소성능지표

  • Kim, Jinhyuk (Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University of science and Technology) ;
  • Kim, Jinhyun (Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University of science and Technology)
  • Received : 2012.07.01
  • Accepted : 2012.09.12
  • Published : 2012.11.30


In this paper, developing of a pool cleaning robot is addressed. First, we analyze commercial pool cleaning robot mechanisms, and the merits and demerits of wireless version of a pool cleaning robot is introduced. And then the water-jet moving mechanism for a pool cleaning robot is proposed to improve energy efficiency and mechanical design advantage, which is one of the strong candidates for wireless pool cleaning robots. Next, the method of cleaning performance evaluation of pool cleaning robots is firstly defined with five key factors, and it was verified by experimental results. If the cleaning performance can be quantitatively defined, we can design optimally a pool cleaning robot, which results in the cost down.



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