Implementation and Evaluation of a Course: A Case Study of PBL Class at Pusan National University

PBL 기반 <토의> 수업 모형의 구현과 평가: 부산대학교 수업개발 사례를 중심으로

  • Hwang, Soon-Hee (Center for Education Accreditation, Pusan National University)
  • 황순희 (부산대학교 교육인증지원센터)
  • Received : 2011.04.25
  • Accepted : 2011.06.09
  • Published : 2011.07.31


This paper aims to develop the learning contents of PBL based program and analyze the result of evaluation questionnaire to examine the students' thoughts concerning the effectiveness of PBL course and their satisfaction. 'Discussion' is one of the representative communicative types, especially requesting both communication competence and teamwork among team members. This study was conducted with 218 junior and senior students taking lectures of ${\ll}$Presentation and Debate Skills${\gg}$ in the college of engineering at Pusan National University. According to the evaluation result, students experienced various effects of PBL such as (1) self-directed learning, (2) cooperative learning, (3) problem solving skills, etc. Students pointed out also as merits of PBL course, (1) knowledge acquisition and information sharing among students, (2) improvement of communicative competence, (3) amelioration of teamwork, (4) progress of the problem solving skills. However, there have been several difficulties and problems during PBL process, implications for ameliorating PBL based were discussed and suggested in detail.



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