Flame Dynamic Response to Inlet Flow Perturbation in a Turbulent Premixed Combustor

난류 예혼합 연소기에서의 흡입 유동 섭동에 대한 화염의 동적 거동

  • 김대식 (강원도립대학 자동차과)
  • Received : 2009.11.26
  • Accepted : 2009.12.09
  • Published : 2009.12.31


This paper describes the forced flame response in a turbulent premixed gas turbine combustor. The fuel was premixed with the air upstream of a choked inlet to avoid equivalence ratio fluctuations. To impose the inlet flow velocity, a siren type modulation device was developed using an AC motor, rotating and static plates. Measurements were made of the velocity fluctuation in the nozzle using hot wire anemometry and of the heat release fluctuation in the combustor using chemiluminescence emission. The test results showed that flame length as well as geometry was strongly dependent upon modulation frequency in addition to operating conditions such as inlet velocity. Convection delay time between the velocity perturbation and heat release fluctuations was calculated using phase information of the transfer function, which agreed well with the results of flame length measurements. Also, basic characteristics of the flame nonlinear response shown in the current test conditions were introduced.