Combustion Characteristic and Stability of Flat Premixed Ceramic Burner with Different Porous Baffle Plates

평판 예혼합 세라믹 버너의 분포판 변화에 따른 연소화염특성과 안정성 분석

  • Received : 2009.10.27
  • Accepted : 2009.12.21
  • Published : 2009.12.31


Porous metal plates (Metal fiber, muti-hole metal plate) using mainly in surface burner are known to have a corrosion and durability problem under high temperature condition. In this study, premixed flat flame with perforated ceramic tile of more durable cordierite material was examined with respect to combustion stability and emission. The flat premixed ceramic burner consists of perforated ceramic tile and various type of baffle plates to form stable surface flame. The results show that most stable flat flame is generated using baffle plate with open ratio of 0.193. In downward flat flame mode which is widely used in condensing boiler, CO is measured below 50ppm from equivalence ratio 0.755 to 0.765 and $NO_X$ is measured below 12ppm from equivalence ratio 0.75 to 0.79. It is also found that the range of blue flame in flame stability curve becomes wider with increasing heat capacity.