Edge Flame propagation for Twin Premixed Counterflow Slot Burner

대향류 슬롯 버너에서 이중 예혼합 선단화염의 전파특성

  • Published : 2009.03.31


Propagation rates ($U_{edge}$) of various premixed, twin edge-flames were measured as a function of global strain rate ($\sigma$), mixture strength, and Lewis number (Le). Using a counterflow slot-jet burner with electrical heaters at each end, both advancing (positive $U_{edge}$) and retreating (negative $U_{edge}$) edge-flames can be studied as they propagate along the long dimension of the burner. Experimental results are presented for premixed methane/air twin flames in terms of the effects of $\sigma$ on $U_{edge}$. Both low-$\sigma$ and high-$\sigma$ extinction limits were discovered for all mixtures tested. As a result, the domain of edge-flame stability was obtained in terms of heat loss factor and normalized flame thickness, and comparison with the numerical result of other researchers was also made. For low ($CH_4/O_2/CO_2$) and high ($C_{3}H_{8}$/air) Lewis number cases, propagation rates clearly show a strong dependence on Le.



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