Study on the Prediction of the Work-Energy to the Maximum Load and Impact Bending Energy from the Bending Properties

국산 소경재의 휨 성질을 이용한 충격에너지와 최대하중까지 일-에너지 예측연구

  • Cha, Jae-Kyung (Dept. of Forest Products, College of Forest Science, Kookmin University)
  • 차재경 (국민대학교 임산공학과)
  • Published : 2008.09.25


This research investigates the bending properties to predict the work-energy to maximum load and impact bending energy from static bending and impact bending test. Specimens were prepared from lumber made of thinning crop-trees. Matched specimens were used for MC 12% and green moisture specimens to measure the effect of moisture content on the absorbed energy from static and impact bending tests. The bending properties such as MOE, MOR, etc. is a good predictor to investigate the work-energy and work-energy per unit volume from static bending and impact bending test. The impact bending energy is increased with increasing moisture content. However, the work to maximum load from static bending test is increasing with increasing the MC only for higher density species.