A Hybrid Sentence Alignment Method for Building a Korean-English Parallel Corpus

한영 병렬 코퍼스 구축을 위한 하이브리드 기반 문장 자동 정렬 방법

  • Published : 2008.12.30


The recent growing popularity of statistical methods in machine translation requires much more large parallel corpora. A Korean-English parallel corpus, however, is not yet enoughly available, little research on this subject is being conducted. In this paper we present a hybrid method of aligning sentences for Korean-English parallel corpora. We use bilingual news wire web pages, reading comprehension materials for English learners, computer-related technical documents and help files of localized software for building a Korean-English parallel corpus. Our hybrid method combines sentence-length based and word-correspondence based methods. We show the results of experimentation and evaluate them. Alignment results from using a full translation model are very encouraging, especially when we apply alignment results to an SMT system: 0.66% for BLEU score and 9.94% for NIST score improvement compared to the previous method.