Efficient Real-time Multimedia Streaming System Using Partial Transport Stream for IPTV Services

  • Lee, Eun-Jo (Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, University of Hanyang) ;
  • Park, Sung-Kwon (Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, University of Hanyang)
  • 발행 : 2008.11.30


IPTV Content delivery systems over wired networks confront scalability problems due to their high network bandwidth requirement for real-time services. Especially, VoD service provides Trick Mode features such as pause, fast forward and similar operations. However, Trick Mode services are delivered by the method of unicast only for controlling of the stream. With a point of views, this paper propose a new real-time multimedia streaming architecture over IP Networks, which tries to achieve bandwidth efficiency and supporting for mass clients better than traditional unicast services. The proposed methods divide the Transport Stream into a series of segments. After that, this divided partial Transport Stream makes multicast streaming periodically. Meanwhile Set-top Box of a client makes a rearrangement orderly by using Presentation Time Stamp field from the served Transport Stream packets. While the current Transport Stream segment is playing, it should be guaranteed that the next segment is downloaded on time. Consequently, the original video content can be played out continuously. The detail introduction of a new real-time multimedia streaming system with analysis and simulation follows as below.