Effects of Parents-centered Speech Intervention Program in Children with Cochlear Implant

부모중심 언어중재가 인공와우이식 아동의 수용언어능력에 미치는 영향

  • 이은경 (대구대학교 청각.조음음운장애연구소) ;
  • 석동일 (대구대학교 언어치료학과)
  • Published : 2007.09.30


This study was aimed to evaluate effect of parents-centered speech intervention program on overall speech and language performances of children with cochlear implant. Ten pairs of mother and child were selected and assigned into two groups: intervention group(G1) and control group(G2). G1 included 5 children with cochlear implant and their mothers who joined the parents-centered program. G2 consisted of 5 children with cochlear implant and their mothers did not participate in the program. To evaluate their speech and language abilities, examination instruments(Preschool Language Scale, and Language Comprehension and Cognition Test) were analyzed. Performances of pre- and post-treatment were analysed by ANOVA procedure. The results were as follows: There were significant differences of speech and language performances between pre- and post-treatment in G1. But there were no significant differences in G2(therapists centered program). G1 showed better performances in language comprehension than G2. This study revealed that parents centered language intervention program would be effective for speech and language development for children with cochlear implant.