Development of the Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell for Portable Power Source

이동전원용 직접 붕소 연료전지 개발

  • Published : 2007.03.26


The fuel cells for portable application are attracted using a liquid fuel such as methanol and chemical hydride solutions. Recently, DBFC [Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell] is a candidate for power of portable electronic devices. In this work, the anion exchange membrane and non-precious catalyst for the DBFC were concerned. Anion-exchange membrane was fabricated by amination of polysulfone followed chloromethylation. Non-precious catalysts such as raney-Ni and Ag were used as an anode and cathode catalyst. The optimum conditions of catalyst slurry mixing and MEA fabrication were developed. The single cell performance using anion exchange membrane and non-precious catalyst was evaluated and the results were compared with cation exchange membrane [Nafion membrane] and precious catalysts.