Evaluation of Condensation Pressure Drop Correlations for Microfin Tubes

  • Published : 2007.12.30


The characteristics of nine existing condensation frictional pressure drop correlations for microfin tubes were evaluated with geometries, vapor quality, mass flux, and refrigerants. The $M\ddot{u}ller-Steinhagen$ and Heck [17] smooth tube frictional pressure drop correlation was utilized to evaluate the pressure drop penalty factor (PF). Except the Nozu et al. [2], the Kedzierski and Goncalves [3], the Choi et al. [10], and the Cavallini et al. [7], other pressure drop correlations did not consider the effect of tube geometry. The prediction values for R407C by pressure drop correlations show discrepancy with previous researcher's experimental trend. Additional efforts on the development of reliable condensation pressure drop correlation for microfin tubes are still required with the systematic investigation of various effects like geometries and working conditions.



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