Conceptual errors related to zero by secondary school gifted student and preservice teachers

중학교 영재학생과 예비교사의 영(0)에 관한 인식과 오류

  • Published : 2007.11.30


Teachers and students' knowledge of zero was investigated through data collected from 16 preservice secondary mathematics teachers and 20 gifted secondary school students. Results showed that these teachers and students had an inadequate knowledge about zero. They exhibited a reluctance to accept zero as an attribute for classification, confusion as to whether or not zero is a number, and stable patterns of computational error. Although leachers and researchers have long recognized the value of analyzing student errors for diagnosis and remediation, students have not been encouraged to take advantage of errors as learning opportunities in mathematics instruction. The article suggests using errors as springboards for inquiry in action, discusses its potential contributions to mathematics instruction by analyzing students and preservice teachers errors related to zero.