The Korean Peninsula security and Military Strategy of USA and China

미.중의 군사전략과 한반도 안보

  • 손도심 (고려대 대학원.성균관대 대학원.대전대 군사연구원)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


The world has been rapidly restructured in an agenda of national security from center of military strength to that of economic strength since the post cold-war era China military leadership-division carried out RMA through learning of a lesson from Gulf war in 1990 -1991 and Iraq war in 2003, thus the leadership-division made an attempt to convert the military system to a technical intensive system. The principle based on RMA of China military is (National defense strategy) drafted by the central military committee 1985 and (Four modernization general principles) 1978. China has introduced Russian high-technological arms and equipment in order to build up the military arms greatly thanks to an economical development, and they take pragmatism line as chinese socialism with their strategy to make secure a position as military powers such as they successfully launched a manned spacecraft and are building an air-craft carrie and soon. USA has a theory of dichotomy whether a country is a cooperator for USA, or not. and also enemy or friend since 9.11terror, thus USA is different from their direction of police. This is because USA stands a position as the superpower of the supremacy hegemony of the world. We must be carefully aware that USA considers as important area for Middle east, West south Asia, Central Asia and Northwest Asia to meet the demands of 2lcentury. Accordingly, the focus of USA's military strategy will be probably concentrated at the above mentioned four areas. On the other hand, USA enjoys such a superpower position due to collapse of USSR which was the past main enemy since the post cold war era. We could give an conclusive example as fact that USA has recurred to unilateralism But USA carry on the military operations to the terror groups at global around by converting thje military strike strategy to pre-emptive strike strategy since9.11 terror, 2001. USA seeks for transformation to the mobile military forces with light-quantity oriented in order to carry on such the military operations and makes progress GPR, And the USA forces in Korea makes progress a military renovation as part of such a military strategy. On the other hand, USA promotes the measures of choose for the countries standing at the crossroads of strategy and carries forward a main scheme of provision for four priority aims that the leaders of a hostile country and mis-country shall be prohibited from use and obtainment of weapons of mass destruction. Accordingly, this treatise found out a significant meaning to have an effect on the national security in the korean peninsula.