Modem Leadership Wisdoms from Tasan's Ideology-Centered Upon the Connection between Leadership of Generals and MokMinShimSuh

다산 사상에서 찾는 현대 리더십의 지혜-고급제대 리더십과 목민심서의 연계를 중심으로

  • Published : 2006.12.30


This paper seeks to search for wisdoms that may be applied to modern leadership through Tasan Jeong Yakyong's ideology, ShilHak, from the Chosun Dynasty. The present period is referred as the period of transformation and innovation or the period of knowledge information The leadership appropriate for the current period is thus called revolutionary leadership. This leadership accomplishes its goals by influencing the constituent's values, ethics, behavioral norms, and visions based on the leader's moral values, knowledge, and information. Thus, the essence of this paper is in acquiring wisdoms of leadership by company revolutionary leadership with Tasan's life. Tasan pursued change and innovation in a time where Chosun was in a state of decay by following the flow of world powers towards the concept of studying truth based upon facts such as changing the system of thought, reforming legislation, and developing technology. Moreover, he gave courage and hope to the people by demonstrating such leadership in practice. In addition, despite false accusations and spending 18 years in exile, he showed revolutionary life as an active intellectual by leaving 542 volumes of writing through his 'value innovation' that he "pursue things only for the people and the state." Consequently, the paper first deals with what kind of leadership is required for a leader in the position of a general and examines the kind of leadership capacity demanded. Subsequently, Tasan 's revolutionary life and hints of leadership messages in MokMinSimSuh are examined. Thus, this paper is centered upon the leadership of generals regarding how MokMinShimSuh may be applicable to modern leadership.