The Evaluation on Behavior of Segmental Grid Retaining Wall by Model Test

압밀주입에 의한 지반개량 특성고찰

  • Published : 2006.12.01


Segmental Grid Retaining Wall is one of the segmental grid retaining walls using headers and stretchers to establish the framework of the wall In this method, grids formed by the intersection of headers and stretchers are generally filled with the gravel to maintain the weight of the wall Therefore, the construction can be carried out with higher speed and much economically when compared with the concrete retaining wall Furthermore, it has high drain capacity, and environmentally friendly aspects also have been pointed out because the possibility of the planting at the front of the wall However, in the segmental grid retaining wall method, the relative movement between the individual headers and stretchers was generally recognized, and stress redistribution in the gravel filling was also observed when subjected to the external loading and self-weight of filling Therefore, it has been thought that the distribution of the earth pressure in the segmental grid retaining wall system differ from that of the concrete retaining wall In this study, the surcharge tests using the scaled model segmental grid retaining wall was carried out to observe the distribution of the earth pressure in the segmental grid retaining wall The earth pressure was measured in the six specified height of wall, and the distribution of the pressure was analyzed. Furthermore, the earth pressure by computation or by the test using the concrete retaining wall was also considered to make comparison