Estimation of Bearing Capacity for Dreged and Reclaimed Ground

준설매립지반의 지지력 산정

  • Published : 2006.12.01


In this test, there was two dimensional model loading test implemented for analysis with respect to the problem of evaluating bearing capacity and the application range on the dredged and reclaimed ground. It was got following conclusion through comparison of button's and Brown&Meyerhof"s equation with experimental result that was obtained by 2 dimensions model loading test. For the difference between average undrained shear strength by 2/3B of loading board width and under 2/3B is more than ${\pm}$ 50%, application of Nc(coefficient of bearing capacity was used in that case $\phi$=0 analysis is considered in the single layer) was declined. Brown&Meyerhof(1969)'s equation was underestimated comparing with loading test result, while Button(1953)'s equation was overestimated comparing with loading test result applied dividing as double layers of upper dessication layer and lower soft layer about dredged and reclaimed ground. Also, bearing capacity factors, Nc that was calculated by using button's equation was estimated greatly about 1.7 times more than bearing capacity factors, Nc that was calculated by using Brown&Meyerhof's equation. Bearing capacity factors, Nc that was calcuated by using Brown&Meyerhof's and Button's equation was evaluated each 2.3-3.6 times, 1.3-2.1 times smaller than bearing capacity factors, Nc5.14 that was calcuated by using Meyerhof's equation in case of unit layer.