Application by Auto Back Tension System

오토백 인장장치의 적용성

  • Published : 2006.12.01


The ground anchoring has been utilized over 40 years. It is growing the application of the removal ground anchor with tension force for holding earth retaining constructions in the city. It transmits tension stress of prestressed steel wire through grouting to fixed the ground that is of great advantage adjacent ground stability. Nowadays, we can find the compression dispersion anchor on many site. But, it has some problems in behavior of anchors because of impossible to tense p.c strand uniformly under the existing equipment due to different length of p c strand. Hence, motive of this research was to study the application of the newly developed tension system, that analyze and compare with the current anchoring method build on the data of in-site test and laboratory test. As a result, in case of auto back tension system, it became clear that tension pressure was equally distributed among the steal wires but the existing tension system showed sign of instability by indicating stress deflection of about 30% compare with design load. This can cause an ultimate failure of the concentrated p.c strand and a shear failure of ground.