A case study on the selection process of cutoff wall for ground-water using VE/LCC analysis

VE/LCC 기법을 활용한 차수공법 선정사례 연구

  • Published : 2006.12.01


This study shows decision-making process for selection of cutoff wall on a wastewater treatment project. There are 10 different cut-off wall methods So, we examine the site to gather information for find appropriate methods. After using that information, 10 cutoff wall methods are reviewed for analysis. Through brainstorming, four alternatives are selected for design VE item. Following the standard VE process, we established performance criteria and evaluated function score(F) using questionnaire. The questionnaires, brainstorming and AHP method for weighting on performance criteria and evaluate function score increased the reliability of this selection process. Water Jet method, one of four methods, has the best function score(F=92.71) and the lease construction cost(as cost index 1,000). The value score also highest as 92.7, so we select the method. The result is value innovation type In addition, the authors try to calculate the environmental burden in selection process using LCA. We cannot conduct the full LCA as defined ISO, so perform Simple LCA In LCA result, the cut-off grouting has the least environmental burden as index 9.09E+01 and Water Jet method has following as the second. To selection best method to specific area and purpose, design VE/LCG process used as useful tool and it is needed to develop integrated method that evaluate VEILCC and LCA as one-set process.