A Development of Pendulum Putting Machine for the Experiments of Putting Stroke

퍼팅 스트로크 실험용 진자퍼팅기 개발

  • 박진 (서울여자대학교)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


The purpose of this study was to develop the experimental machine for the putting strokes. This experimental machine is called Pendulum Putting Machine(PPM). The height of PPM is 75cm and the mass is 10kg. To make the frame of this machine, 24 and 20 diameters of iron pipes were used. Bottom of the frame(bottom girdle) was made with circle shape and top of the frame(top girdle) was made with rectangular shape. Above the top girdle, iron plate($12{\times}17{\times}0.5cm$) was placed to connect the ball bearing. At the top of the frame two ball bearings with axis were placed for the diverse lies of putters and irons. To verify usefulness of this machine, experiments were executed with the PPM. Two major experimental conditions were hitting points(sweet spot, toe side, heel side) and hitting places(bottom, 3cm before bottom, 3cm after bottom). Eleven different cases were tested. The results showed that the diversity of the ball placement(distance and direction) was acceptable(distance range, 2.70-5.87 standard deviation; direction range, 1.71-4.65 standard deviation). Overall the Pendulum Putting Machine is very useful for the study of putting and driving strokes.



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