Kinetic Classification of Golf Swing Error

골프스윙오류의 운동역학적 분류

  • Published : 2006.12.30


The purpose of this study was to review the relevant literature about coaching and thereupon, survey the coaching methods used for golf lesson to reinterpret them and thereby, describe in view of kinetics the swing errors committed frequently by amateur golfers and suggest more scientific golf coaching methods. For this purpose, kinetic elements were divided into accuracy and power ones and therewith, the variables affecting such elements were identified. For this study, a total of 60 amateur golfer were sampled, and their swing forms were photographed with two high-speed digital cameras, and the resultant images were analyzed to determine the errors of each form kinetically, which would be analyzed again with the program V1-5000. The kinetic elements could be identified as accuracy, power and accuracy & power. Thus, setup and trajectory were classified into accuracy elements, while differences of inter-joint angles, cocking and delayed hitting. Lastly, timing and axial movement were classified into accuracy & power elements. Three errors were identified in association with setup. The errors related with trajectory elements accounted for most (6) of the 20 errors. Three errors were determined for inter-joint angle differences, and one error was associated with cocking and delayed hitting. Lastly, one error was classified into timing error, while five errors were associated with axial movement. Finally, as a result of arranging the errors into a cross table, it was found that the errors were associated with each other between take-back and back-swing, take-back and follow-through, back-swing and back-swing top, and between back-swing and down-swing. Namely, an error would lead to other error repeatedly. So, it is more effective to identify all the errors for every form and correct them comprehensively rather than single out the errors and correct them one by one.



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